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Band Members

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Lead Singer Ali Marie is an up and rising artist from Kansas City. Ali is known for her country/rock style and the uniqueness of her sound. Ali has been writing songs/lyrics with her father Joe Pluff ever since she was five years old and has multiple books full of songs. She didn’t start playing live until a few years ago after gathering and making her songs come to life before presenting them to the world. She has 3 songs on music platforms, two project songs where she was asked to write lyrics and one song, Up in Flames, that really shows her style and talent. Ali has a CD coming out with 8 songs plus new singles hitting shortly after the release date in February. Ali is 25 years old now and more passionate than ever, she has always dreamed of playing on a big stage and when she’s on stage it’s just natural. Ali plays with her band around Kansas City. She has auditioned for the V... View Profile
Lead Guitarist Joe Pluff- The earliest I can remember getting into music was around age 5, listening to the Beatles on a 45 record player. From there came FleetwoodMac, Eagles, Elton John, Hall and Oats, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, HeeHaw, Roy Clark and Buck Owens; all the way to Glen Campbell and so many more. By 1975, Kiss Alive came out. My motivation to play guitar had arrived! At age 12 I got my first Les Paul copy because of Ace Freely. From there it's been guitars and rock and roll. Lets start a band! Through high school and the military, I have always been in bands. 70's and 80's music are what influenced me. The 80's were great! Stryper, Poison, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dokken, Queensryche, Ozzy and Dio. The list is much longer, but you get the idea. Anything that has killer guitar, I love. After being in the Military I met my wonderful wife and we have three wonderful ... View Profile
Bass Player Scott King grew up in Shawnee, Kansas, and has been playing music since he was ten years old. Starting with violin, and moving to clarinet, and then saxophone, he finally found the bass and was hooked. Scott learned the ropes playing in a local blues band as a teenager, and went on to play the double-bass in college with jazz groups and orchestra. He also played in several rock bands, and feels at home in many genres. Scott lives with his wife I-Chi in Lenexa, where his music studio and listening room take up a large portion of the house.... View Profile
Back Up Vocals Chey Stark- Chey likes to claim southern roots as she moved around a lot growing up. Chey started investing herself into music at the age of 9 by singing and playing piano. She grew up singing in the church and at the age of 16 went on her first music tour. Chey enjoys all genre’s of music, but country music is her first love. As the newest member of the Ali Marie band she adds in harmonies and back up vocals. Not only does she enjoy music but she also enjoys Photography, riding horses and spending her time outdoors.... View Profile
Guitar John Lombardo- I took up the guitar at age 15 and taught myself how to play... with some reluctant help from my older brother (who was already an accomplished player). It was more of a hobby than anything, but in my early 30's I started songwriting, recording and fine tuning my craft. I even had some record label interest from Capitol Records on my debut release of EVERSHINE's "Break On Through" co-written with Tim Pistone. I paid my dues playing many late night shows in the Kansas City area and had local success with a number of cover bands, including Earthquake Jake, Red Eyed Bob and Ultra Sharp to mention a few. I am thrilled to be creating new music with Ali Marie and look forward to the possibilities that await me and my new musical family!... View Profile