Lead Guitarist

Joe Pluff- The earliest I can remember getting into music was around age 5, listening to the Beatles on a 45 record player. From there came FleetwoodMac, Eagles, Elton John, Hall and Oats, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, HeeHaw, Roy Clark and Buck Owens; all the way to Glen Campbell and so many more. By 1975, Kiss Alive came out. My motivation to play guitar had arrived! At age 12 I got my first Les Paul copy because of Ace Freely. From there it's been guitars and rock and roll. Lets start a band! Through high school and the military, I have always been in bands. 70's and 80's music are what influenced me. The 80's were great! Stryper, Poison, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dokken, Queensryche, Ozzy and Dio. The list is much longer, but you get the idea. Anything that has killer guitar, I love. After being in the Military I met my wonderful wife and we have three wonderful children. Our youngest being Ali Marie. Being in bands while you have children is tough sometimes and can be hard to balance. "For The Broken" is the band I have done the most with and am still a part of today. We traveled all over the midwest opening for Sryper, Scott Stapp, Mark Tremont, LA Guns,P.O.D., Red, Steven Adler, Adalitas Way, Chevelle and many more. We have many endorsements such as Daddario, Jim Dunlop, Seymour Duncan, Hughes and Kuttner, ESP Guitars, Lund Guitars, Rattlesnake cables, Tone Pros, ISP Technologies, Fishman, Empire In Ears, Mission Engineering and O.P.I. While doing all of this, Ali was always writing music. Some years ago Ali and I started writing together. What a blessing from God that I get to write music and play shows with my daughter. So here I am, In my daughters band! How cool is that! Im so excited that I get the pleasure of writing and enjoying music with her! There are many years to come!