Lead Singer

Ali Marie is an up and rising artist from Kansas City. Ali is known for her country/rock style and the uniqueness of her sound. Ali has been writing songs/lyrics with her father Joe Pluff ever since she was five years old and has multiple books full of songs. She didn’t start playing live until a few years ago after gathering and making her songs come to life before presenting them to the world. She has 3 songs on music platforms, two project songs where she was asked to write lyrics and one song, Up in Flames, that really shows her style and talent. Ali has a CD coming out with 8 songs plus new singles hitting shortly after the release date in February. Ali is 25 years old now and more passionate than ever, she has always dreamed of playing on a big stage and when she’s on stage it’s just natural. Ali plays with her band around Kansas City. She has auditioned for the Voice and American Idol and continues to write daily. Ali is known for her fun, goofy, and laid back personality; but also known also for her talent in writing lyrics